THE SOURCE is a highly confidential platform.

We have decided to close the registration and charge a little fee of $10.
We don't want any leechers, leakers or spammers.

THE SOURCE is not about leaks.
It is a platform for serious buyers and serious sellers.
THE SOURCE is only about buying and selling in a secure environment, NOTHING ELSE.
If you are looking for leaks, go to other shitty platforms.

If you have trouble registering, please contact [email protected]


Once a payment has been sent and confirmed, please click on the register button.

If you have sent your coins and it displays "payment is received"
but you have submitted your details and it shows this error "bitcoins have not yet been received",
then please click on this button which is located below
"Click here if you have already sent your coins", and then enter your details again and it will work.